The recent increase in use of modified bitumen binders in the Middle East presents a continued challenge with a steep learning curve for policymakers and end-users alike. With a commitment to technical leadership specializing in technologies from the U.S. and Europe, RAETEX strives to provide tailor made solutions with ongoing technical support to clients in order to ensure proper storage, mixing, and application of asphalt pavements using modified binders.

RAETEX Modified Asphalt Binders
RAETEX modified asphalt binders are used for asphalt roads. They provide significantly improved engineering properties over conventional bitumen, and represent the most advanced research and development in bitumen modification technology and sustainable modification technology to date. They are used in demanding climatic and traffic conditions in order to extend the service life of the pavements by lowering the amount of permanent deformation (rutting), fatigue cracking and thermal cracking experienced on the road.
RAETEX offers three types of modified bitumen binders: polymer modified bitumen (PMB), Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB), and hybrid binders. The binders are formulated to meet the specific requirements of any roadwork project. In Qatar, RAETEX produces binders in accordance to Qatar Construction Specifications 2014 requirements for AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) performance grade PG76-10. This includes the recently introduced multiple stress creep recovery (MSCR) test traffic grades: Standard (S), Heavy (H), Very Heavy (V) and Extreme (E) that incorporate expected traffic volumes and traffic speeds as they relate to permanent deformation (rutting) at high pavement temperatures.
RAETEX Specialized Coatings
The RAETEX Ultra-Flex line of specialized coatings and surface preparation materials are known for the highest performance and durability in protective applications. Individually tailored, RAETEX Ultra-Flex products solve the toughest coating protection and waterproofing applications ranging from construction and industrial equipment to wastewater treatment and chemical containment.
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