RAETEX Doha is a Qatari manufacturing company that provides innovative, sustainable technologies and products to the road paving, road maintenance and specialized coating industries — developed in California in the early 2000s, RAETEX's performs the most advanced research and development on the polymer modification technologies and sustainable pavement technologies.

RAETEX first introduced its technologies to the road construction industry in Qatar in 2010 after years of proven experience using the technology and methodology in the United States. The first construction project was in May 2011. Requisitioned as a test road for the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), the demonstration project completed a 1km overlay of PG76-22 with a subsequent overlay of standard PMB PG76-22 for approximately 1km. Material testing and analysis were performed both in Qatar and in the United States to compare the cost and performance of mixtures in which RAETEX Doha's PGAB (Performance Graded Asphalt Binder) using locally recycled modifiers, and standard PMB that used imported synthetic modifiers were used interchangeably. Test results demonstrated that the properties of asphalt mixture using RAETEX's PGAB match or exceed those using standard PMB material.

Due to the success of the demonstration project, Ashghal requisitioned RAETEX to produce and supply PG76-22 binder for a larger-scale project that would include a 90mm base course on a main carriageway of the Doha Industrial Area. The goal for this was to measure the rut resistance when exposed to high traffic levels and extremely high loads. Findings from the QA/QC report for the project illustrated that the PGAB produced by RAETEX had been graded consistently as PG76-22 according to project contract specifications (Table 1 of AASHTO M 320) and as PG76S-22 according to Table 1 of AASHTO MP 19 (now AASHTO M 332). Since completing the second project in 2012, RAETEX has been producing and supplying PGAB material following the performance grade specifications of AASHTO M 320, AASHTO M 332, QCS 2010, QCS 2014 and Ashghal’s project-contract specs. In 2016, RAETEX commissioned a new, dedicated modification terminal in Mesaieed Industrial City to increase its supply capability and delivery efficiency.

With a primary focus in bitumen modification and specialised manufacturing, RAETEX maintains a strong commitment to products quality and performance. To achieve this, RAETEX puts stringent quality control and robust research and development at the forefront of its activities. This ensures reproducibility and reliability of material test results and ultimately, consistent quality in the final product. When combined with continued collaboration and on-going technical support, the consistency and reliability of its modified asphalt binders allow RAETEX to be seen as a trusted partner in Qatar’s pavement industry.

Our Value

As a specialized producer of premium grade modified asphalt binders and an approved supplier by the Public Works Authority, RAETEX offers the following to our clients:
  • Reliable and consistent quality
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical support
  • Flexible supply logistics
  • Door-to-door delivery service
  • One-stop source for all modified asphalt binder needs
RAETEX binders are specifically formulated to enhance workability and increase field compaction. They are designed for demanding climatic and traffic conditions where there is risk of permanent deformation (rutting), fatigue cracking and thermal cracking. In Qatar, RAETEX produces binders in accordance to Qatar Construction Specification requirements.

Why Raetex

Trusted supplier by Ashghal and Ministry of Municipality & Environment. First privately-owned producer of modified asphalt binders supplying Ashghal projects in Qatar

Approved PMB and CRMB technologies that are more cost effective and sustainable. Unmatched quality with technical support throughout the supply chain. Committed to continued R&D for the most sustainable and highest performing vpavement technologies

Operating an independent production facility allowing efficient logistics and seamless supply. Over 50 years of combined expertise from USA and Europe

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